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This semi-outdoor wooden deck overlooks the valley and the opposite slopes are covered by Shola forests and montane grasslands. This is where your creative spirit will take wings and there are limitless things you can do here: practise your yoga, read a book, or get your paint brushes out. This is the perfect spot for stargazing on a clear night or birdwatching during the day.



This is the farm’s best kept secret. During the monsoon (June-November), water fills up in a pool created to hold what emerges from a spring above. Hold your breath here, for the sparkling clear water is bound to take your heart away.



The space is perfect for those getaway retreats from work, private celebrations or a get together with old friends! At the end of the day, the ‘Kalari’ is where you want to unwind, listening to your favourite music, or better still, the music played by nature.



Another Monsoon treat is the stream that flows through the edge of the farm. Go ahead and take a dip or simply sit on a rock and dangle your feet in the crystal waters.


Botanical Trails

The farm supports an immense diversity of native and exotic plants numbering to several hundred species.  There are pine groves, bamboos, stretches of Zingibers, Aralias, Bromeliads on rock faces, Aroids and Heliconias, and the occasional wild orchid.

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Barking Deer (Indian muntjac), Mouse Deer, Brown Palm Civet, Palm Civet, Black Naped Hare, and the Wild Pig are frequently sighted around the farm, not to mention the multitudes of Moths, Butterflies, Stick Insects, Grasshoppers, Leaf Insects, Praying Mantis, Spiders and Frogs.

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Wake up to the whistles of the Malabar whistling thrush, and for the birdwatchers among you, keep your binoculars ready as you are likely to sight many Western Ghats endemics like the Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Whistling Thrush and the White Cheeked Barbet. The Farm is also home to Thrushes, Sunbirds, Warblers, Babblers, Barbets, Bee eaters, Wagtail, Bulbul, Jungle Fowl, Spur Fowl and many other winged friends.


A Little Adventure

Hiking trails are marked out within the property, all the way up to the cliff on the western end and descending to the stream past reed thickets and Shola trees. The neighbouring hills have hiking and biking opportunities too.  Most paths are on a gradient, be prepared to burn some calories.

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Farm Tour

The farm’s bounty is visible all over, but look out for zones marked out for spices, native vegetables, tubers, herbs, vegetables and fruits.


Sunrise Sunset Trails

Guided walks/trek – for Sunrise/Sunset views in the backdrop of the Western Ghats

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Once the monsoons and the weather settles down, Fly Vagamon begins activities from November – April in the neighbouring hills.

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Road less travelled

Take a drive with us and explore more of the Western Ghats grassland ecosystem around Vagamon.