Restoration and Conservation

The journey over the past two decades has been one of carefully crafted transformation - from grass and tea dominated slopes in the late 1990s to a landscape rich in floral diversity. And what you see today is a biodiversity farm that has taken shape with a diverse array of plants - native species as part of an ongoing eco-restoration project, and hand picked exotic species that render spectacular design to the landscape.

Tucked along trail bends are pine groves, bamboos, ferns, clusters of Zingibers, Aralias, Bromeliads on rock faces, Aroids and Heliconias, and the occasional wild orchid.

In trying to be as sustainable as we can, we grow our own vegetables, fruits and spices organically, harvest rainwater for use during the summer months and try our best to reduce the waste we create. We want our Farm landscape to be an economically and ecologically sustainable venture that serves as a role model for the community.

A paradise for plant lovers, Little Flower Farms stands testimony to one family’s commitment for restoring ecological balance to a degraded landscape.

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When a trail leads you to wilderness reminiscent of a primordial forest.

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The Farm's biodiversity is bound to awe you.

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 Wild orchids thrive as witness to an eco-restoration effort.

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Nature's own vertical gardens!

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Our Farm, when viewed from the opposite hill.

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View of the Western Ghats from our Farm