The thatched roof patio where meals are served and tales exchanged, ‘Parnasala’ is the centre of all life at Little Flower Farms. Traditionally this is where we start our day with a steaming cup of tea and unwind after the day as we have our dinner. The trails through our farms are sure to work up your appetite. Walk up to our ‘Parnasala’ where you will be served authentic Syrian Christian cuisine. Most dishes are centred on fish, farm fresh vegetables and fruits. Chicken and other meats are sourced from small farms in the neighbourhood.

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For the fruitarian amongst you, there are seasonal harvests of rose apple, jackfruit, guavas, passion fruit, mangoes and pineapple. Fruit preserves and jams, homemade wines, ghee, pickles and honey made from farm produce are available at the farmhouse for sale depending on the season.


Culinary Traditions

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Herb Garden

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Farm Products

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